Where Can You Buy Beard-Oil?

More and more men these days are growing and sporting fantastic beards. If you have a beard, or are interested in growing one, perhaps you’ve heard of beard-oil. Beard-oil is a product that helps to moisturize a gentleman’s beard, and keep the skin underneath the facial hair soft and supple. It also works to tame the hair of a beard, so it doubles as a styling product!

So where can you buy beard oil ? If you’re looking for instant gratification and want to purchase your beard-oil in a store, check your local Target or Walmart. They offer many varieties of beard-oil products, at different prices to suit your budget. At Target and Walmart, you can expect to find beard-oil products such as these:

1. Remington Beard Boss – 1 oz $14.99
2. Pacino’s Beard Oil – 2 oz $19.99 (Target only)
3. Aiken & Cash (Scentless and Firewood) – 1 oz $14.99
4. Every Man Jack Sandalwood – 1 oz $9.99
5. Marlowe No. 143 – 3 oz $12.99

Now, if you are a fan of buying products over the internet, there is a whole new set of beard-oil options available to you. Where can you buy beard-oil online? Check out these two online beard-oil vendors:

1. Beardbrand

Beardbrand has a TON of products for taking care of your facial hair. Not only do they offer beard-oil, they also sell products like grooming tools, beard wash and softener, mustache wax, and texture paste. As far as their beard-oils go, their web site currently offers nine products. The cheapest beard-oils available for purchase are listed at $14.99. They are Beardbrand Lumber Yard, Beardbrand Blank Slate, and Beardbrand Urban Garden. The most expensive beard-oil for sale is a limited edition of Black Marble, which is listed at $79.99. 

2. Beard Oil Company 

Beard Oil Company is an online vendor that sells beard-oil and other merchandise as well. They offer 5 varieties of oil, Tea Tree, Sandalwood, Leather, Pipe Tobacco, and Unscented. Pipe Tobacco is not available for individual purchase, but when the whole set of beard-oil is purchased, it is included. The set of 5 oils is $75.00, and if you purchase each oil individually, you can expect to spend $20.00 per oil.

So if you want to tame your beard, while keeping it and your skin beneath the hair healthy and moisturized, beard-oil is the product for you. Armed with this list of places to purchase beard-oil, you can have well-groomed facial hair in no time!